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Pipeline Inspection and Repair

pipe-inspectionUnderwater pipeline installation, inspection and maintenance are a resource Associated Diving Services provide for local councils and utility companies.

We have the capability to install, maintain and repair pipelines in rivers, coastal outfalls or intakes. A variety of techniques and equipment is utilised to carry out the installation and maintenance.

Pipeline inspection is a vital component in the prevention of pollution to our main waterways and marine environment. A pipeline inspection can determine the possible leakage of its contents such as sewage which can have a detrimental effect on our marine wildlife, flora and fauna as well as public usage. Associated Diving Services use various techniques to find leaking pipelines and carryout the repairs required to resolve the problem.

At Associated Diving Services we have and continue to sustain an outstanding safety record. We are committed to working in and maintaining a safe and professional work environment at all times through our successful safety management system.


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