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Pile Removal

diver2At Associated Diving Services,we have a wealth ofknowledge and experiencein the removal of the underwater structures associated with bridges, dolphins, jetties, docks and piers.

To complete these tasks we have a range of tools we use such as:

  • Hydraulic chainsaw

  • Hydraulic concrete cut-off saw

  • Underwater Burning equipment (Broco)

  • Jackhammers

  • Breakers

  • Cardox

Equipped with these tools and our wide ranging experience we can remove all types of pile, such as reinforced concrete piles, steel piles, timber piles and fibreglass piles.

At Associated Diving Services we have and continue to sustain an outstanding safety record. We are committed to working in and maintaining a safe and professional work environment at all times through our successful safety management system.


Associated Diving Services

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