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Confined Spaces & Culverts

Confined Space

calvert2As a company we carry out structural inspections and assessments for Local Authorities, Private Landlords, and Utility Companies which include confined space operations

We ensure that all confined space entry is supported and supervised within a four man team. In addition, all operatives are first aid trained and equipped with necessary P.P.E equipment. All other equipment required including breathing apparatus, ropes, harnesses, winches, carabineers and fall/rescue equipment are always checked before use. CCTV surveys are used to access the areas which are humanly inaccessible, making sure we are able to get a full, comprehensive understanding of conditions and project requirements. Relevant risk assessments will always be undertaken prior to projects commencing.



calvert1With the realization of the environmental threat in the news today, it is necessary to regularly inspect culverts, especially during cycles of heavy rainfall. Checking them for signs of erosion, joint separation, pipe blockage, piping, fill settling, cavitations of fill, sediment build-up within the culvert and the effectiveness of the inlet and outlet are extremely important.

Our dive teams are regularly deployed to work in culverts where not only is our diving expertise required but also our ability to complete a task safely. These projects are often restricted by debris, deep mud or silt deposits.Our service will remove deposition from within drainage structures for customers to load and haul away, leaving a clean drainage system.

At Associated Diving Services we have and continue to sustain an outstanding safety record. We are committed to working in and maintaining a safe and professional work environment at all times through our successful safety management system.


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