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About Associated Diving Services


Associated Diving Services (ADS) is a full service underwater inspection construction and diving company. 

We are also fully equipped to meet your underwater requirements. ADS is experienced in all aspects of inshore and coastal commercial diving.

Associated Diving Services have constructed, inspected, and maintained in-water structures of all types. We have personnel with extensive training and experience in underwater construction and inspection techniques. We have successfully performed underwater construction, inspection, installation and maintenance work on bridges, dams, harbours, moorings and mooring dolphins, pipelines, docks, water treatment works, caisson and mitre gate systems and commercial vessels.

In addition to H.S.E. Diving Certifications we have personnel on staff with additional training including:

  •  H.S.E. First Aiders
  •  Non-Destructive Testing
  •  Confined Space Entry Certification
  •  RYA Powerboat Certification

In addition to the above outside training, we have an extensive in-house training program that includes:

  •  Underwater Construction Techniques
  •  Rigging
  •  Inspection Techniques
  •  Underwater Video Inspection Methods
  •  Underwater Cutting Procedures
  •  Documentation of Findings
  •  Safe Working Procedures
  •  Contaminated Diving Procedures
  •  First Aid/CPR and O2 Administration Training

All of our diving personnel are H.S.E. qualified commercial divers.

Associated Diving Services is not only committed to maintaining our own excellent quality and safety record, we are committed to doing our part to ensure the reputation of the companies that we work with.  Since our founding in 1995, Associated Diving Services has been focused on the safe completion of all projects and has an extremely favourable safety record. Considering the wide range of projects that we have been involved with we are extremely proud of this record. Because of this record, we are often chosen to perform projects requiring particular care and attention. 



Associated Diving Services

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